ratchet business intelligence

Affordable and Scalable Cloud Business Intelligence

We leverage cloud technologies to aggregate your data and create actionable information


  • Your data is strewed across multiple applications, spreadsheets and legacy databases
  • You make decisions based on gut instead of data
  • Traditional Business Intelligence solutions are too expensive
  • No one understands how to get the information you need


  • Craft a data strategy to align with your business objectives
  • Aggregate and process all your data from different sources
  • Anonymize data where necessary for privacy and security compliance
  • Generate reports and dashboards to gain insights

Cloud Platforms

Client Recommendations

  • [Ratchet Cloud] is by far the best option for web and mobile development in this market. They intersect between excellent quality and cost-effectiveness, which can often be contradicting terms.

    Jen Riley VP of Marketing
  • Thank you all for the time, diligent effort, guidance, and insights.

    Shawn K Marketing Executive


Time to fully exploit the potential in your data? We can help.

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